1 Oct. Genova (Italy – Monaco – France) Nice

[Genova continued]

Genova Piazza Principe 2006.10.01 12:55 EC144 15:45 Monaco-Monte Carlo

Monaco-Monte Carlo 2006.10.01 18:24 SNCF 18:48 Nice Ville

[Nice continued]

I just went to bed without having decide to stay one more night or not. In the morning, I decided to leave and unlikely I said goodbye to Spanish guys, Fernando got my email while Samuel was sleeping. I looked around city of Genova with carrying my bag until lunch time. I had to get my money back from Metro but there was no assistant so I just gave up and decided to keep it and got a train ticket. It would be my last ticketing in Italy. I arrived at Monaco.

Monaco was not France nor Italy but in the French area. So they were speaking French. I was happy that I left strange Italy. I don’t have to get the fuckin Italian trains again.

Monaco was really bright atmospheric with good weather and unmissable casino. It was called western Hongkong and easy to strolling around even I was carrying my heavy backpack. I was able to get back to train station with satisfaction. I got on a train to Nice, French fifth largest city.

It was not too difficult to get a place to stay even it was too late in the evening. In the room, I met a Croatian who had also stayed in Genova hostel with the Spanish guys together. It was surprising. I found it was too late to look around the city so I just had done my laundry and had a shower first then went out to just strolling around. I could see nice moonlight on the sea’s reflection. I would like to paint a piece named ‘Impression: moonlight’ just like Monet.