13 Oct. Porto

Lisboa 2006.10.13 train 10.13 Porto Campanhã

Porto Campanhã 2006.10.14 08:05 IN421 12:15 Vigo

I went back to the hostel to get my bag back before got on a train to Porto. I just slept all times in the train. When I got up, it was passing urban area but there was actually famous region for wines. I knew that later. Porto was also another different city to Lisboa. It has lots of bridges which are very very high from the river, which gives good view. Of course I climbed up one of them in the evening.

A hostel was also far away from city centre so it was a bit complicated furthermore, Portuguese city’s main train station is not located in the central area. So I had to take a train again to got into city centre just like Lisboa’s Oriente to Santa Apolónia then bus again to a hostel.

Porto’s size was bigger than I guessed. It had enough things to spend a day. Although there were many world famous wines tasting visit centres at the bank of a river but it was too late to enter. I had a meal at riverside but starter was too expensive which I didn’t order. I just ordered cod and soup so I didn’t pay for the starter. The cod was dried not like ‘fish&chips’ in England. Foods were also closely related to its weather, I found.

I got back to hostel and met a guy from Paris who had been already interested in Korean culture. He’s going to visit Korea next year and I’ll visit Paris next week. We exchanged our contact to each others.


12 Oct. Lisboa

[Lisboa continued]

Lisboa 2006.10.13 train 10.13 Porto Campanhã

I asked to stay one more night before went to bed last night but I realised that all beds were already fully booked. So I decided not to get a hostel’s bed for tonight but just would be in club ‘Lux’ where I had been yesterday.

I looked around the city of Lisboa from about two in the afternoon. I checked-out about mid-day because I had to be like that as late as possible so that I would be able not to feel too tired in the evening when I would be in the club.

I visited Alfama area first and Parque, then Oceanarium before their closing time. The two most important museums in Portugal were free for the student like me, not like fuck’in Italy. Oceanarium was quite pricey but I thought it was reasonable. When I was in València, I didn’t visit the similar place like here, so I strongly wanted to be here earlier. It has a great central tank which is four times larger than Olympic swimming pools. I always like this kind of things like Aquarium in COEX or 63 bldg.

When I got out from fantastic Oceanarium, the sun was setting. That area was almost devoted to ‘Vasco da Gama’. Most of buildings in that area had its name. After sunset, I made a reservation for a train to Porto tomorrow morning. I would stay in the club with help of hostel’s luggage keeping service. I visited Belém area as my last destination in Lisboa. There had a Torre which had been a symbol of Lisboa tourism, but I couldn’t see very well due to darkness. I just went back to the hostel to have a shower and changed my clothes before go to the world famous club ‘Lux’. I stayed in that club until six in the morning.

11 Oct. Faro, Lisboa

Sevilla Plaza de Armas 2006.10.11 07:30 bus 10:30 Faro

Faro 2006.10.11 13:55 IC672 17:45 Lisboa Oriente

[Lisboa continued]

I was able to manage get up early in the morning so I checked out about half past six and I also asked to get a breakfast packed. I took a bus to bus station and took an International bus to Faro which departed at 7:30. The time was different between Spain and Portugal. Time in Portugal is same with that of London.

I slept a lot while the bus was running. When the bus arrived at Faro, I found the train station just nearby. Faro was very small town so that’s why I found stations and also tourist office easily. The view from its cathedral in old town was very unique. It was not like the other city. I also saw a flight flying just several metres high because its airport was located just next to the town.

I tried to have Portuguese food but I didn’t know what to eat so I just ordered ‘Plata do dia’ before came to Lisboa. Three hours were surely enough to look around Faro. The train from Faro to Lisboa took about three hours, I was sleepy but had to study about the vibrant Portuguese capital before arrival. When I arrived, I put my bag directly into a locker and took Metro to visit tourist office and a hostel. Every Metro stations were very artistic. And people looked nice but a bit rude like the other big cities as well as London or Seoul. After checked in, I went out to clubbing at world famous ‘Lux’ but it was closed tonight. So I’ll stay here one more night to visit that club.

I’ll sleep late in the morning for the last time.