10 Sept. București

Budapest Keleti 2006.9.09 18:10 EN371 9.10 09:14 București Nord

București Nord 2006.9.11 01:30 train1011 04:30 Ruse 06:20 R4612 12:45 Sofiya

I slept until the train arrived at Bucureşti. I couldn’t find tourist information but I always have maps in the guide book. I left my luggage at the station and withdrew some money. And went to the city.

This city’s important buildings were mostly related to communism. I found here is quite different to the other countries I visited. It looks really poor even though here is the capital city. Most of buildings were very big. I’ve known that this kind of cities wanted to show their country’s greatness so that’s why the buildings were big.

The currency was also confusing. This country is still under process of changing value of money. And I didn’t know how much did I have to withdraw. I spent a lot to eat and didn’t know where to spent. So I decided to keep it and going to change in Bulgaria to use in Sofiya. But the problem was beginning. I thought I arrived at station more than one hour before departure, but I didn’t realise that the time was different. So I missed the train and tried to change ticket but the ticket officer couldn’t speak English very well. But there was another guy standing next to me who speaks English very well. He brought me to a cafe where I just drank a cup of coffee. I thought he was going to show who the conductor was. I didn’t get any offer he gave me but they were a group of security guards with black uniform. I had pickpocketed to them I realised that after they had gone. It was not big amount of money for me but big for them. I tried to figure out about the truth, but I found the blue uniform guards were also corrupted. They knew each others. I’m in the most dangerous situation I’ve ever faced while travelling.

무슨 소리냐? 헝가리에서 루마니아로 내려왔는데 시차가 다른 걸 모르고 있다가 떠나는 기차를 놓치고 나서야 알게 됐고, 영어도 못하는 매표소 아줌마는 다음 기차표도 없다 하며 conductor한테 내면 타는 기차는 있다며 내 옆에 있던 영어 하는 아저씨를 가리켰다. 첨엔 그 아저씨가 conductor인 줄 알았는데 얘기하다 보니 security란다. 그것도 파란 옷과 검은 옷 두 종류인데, 검은 옷 둘이 내 주위에 같이 있었다가 나중에 낌새가 이상한 걸 눈치챘을 땐 이미 현금을 소매치기한 뒤였다. 나중에 알고 나서 파란 옷한테 검은 옷 중에 수상한 가짜가 있다며 대면시켜봤는데 저들끼리도 다 아는 사이였다! 여기 적지 못한 그 외에 여러 가지 정황으로 보건대, 매표소는 몰라도 ‘corrupted security’로 결론 맺었다. 역시 뒤늦게 알았는데 결코 적은 돈도 아니었다. security가 소매치기를 하다니… 드라큘라한테 물린 기분이다.ㅋ 혹시 루마니아 가려는 자 주의토록. 아니~가지 마셈!