8 Sept. Bratislava

Wien Südbahnhof 2006.9.08 10:28 ÖBB 11:38 Bratislava Hlavná

Bratislava Hlavná 2006.9.09 07:16 MÁV2107 10:22 Budapest Nyugati

I woke up around half past seven but I didn’t want to get up at that moment. so I slept again and got up around nine. I packed my stuff quickly, and I got a map of Bratislava before leaving. A lady who just came from Bratislava last night gave me that. She was also from England. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to make her my friend.

I arrived at Bratislava much earlier than I expected. I took just about an hour from Wien. It was not really difficult to find ways from the station but the problem was hostel. The first place I went was not hostel for foreigners like me. So I went to another hostel again. The new hostel I found was really good. It has three computers for free Internet connection and beds and facilities were very clean. It was refurbished recently. I found connection number for International call to Korea and gave a call to parents because they called me two days ago when I was in Praha. My mother called me to ask me if I can come back before Chuseok. But I was already got anger because of her too frequent calling without special reasons. We were on the phone very long time with high tone of voice.

I couldn’t enjoy today’s tour after that call so I just strolled slowly and took some photos. I climbed up on a hill to reach the castle but I couldn’t even see that properly. The castle in Praha or Meißen has much better view.

I came back to hostel after having a traditional Slovakian food and went to bed earlier than other days.