15 Oct. Bilbao

Santiago 2006.10.15 train 10.15 Bilbao

Bilbao TermiBus 2006.10.16 11:00 Turytrans 12:40 Hendaye 10.16 SNCF 10.16 Bayonne

When I got up to get a train to Bilbao early in the morning, it was still dark outside. The view of the sky from the hostel was terrific! I was able to see many stars including Cassiopeia, north Polar star and the seven stars consisting a big spoon. I don’t know the name of that in English. Also Orion and Libra it was, I guess.

Anyway I took a local bus to station. The train would take almost half a day. I had nothing to do, so I had a good chance to think about my future when I go back to Korea. That train gave me the longest journey I’ve ever had. Repeated sleeping and woke up, while the other people were getting off and on. Once I changed the coach.

Finally I arrived at Bilbao in the evening. But the interesting thing was that I had to change the coach. The train was same but another train has joined once and I changed there, after that I could feel something happened more. When I changed the coach, direction had also changed. The leading coach had gone and rear part of coaches joined where the leading coach had been. Then moved backwards. I saw the moment that coaches were joining.

It was too late to look around Bilbao. Not only because of that, I was too hungry to do anything but just check in. I checked train times but they said bus services were more efficient. It was cheaper so I bought a bus ticket departs the day after.

I went to a hostel which had a good view over the city of Bilbao, and had dinner just one minute before their restaurant’s closing time. It was my first time to had dinner in a hostel.


14 Oct. Vigo, Santiago de Compostela

Porto Campanhã 2006.10.14 08:05 IN421 12:15 Vigo

Vigo 2006.10.14 15:45 RENFE 17:36 Santiago

Santiago 2006.10.15 train 10.15 Bilbao

I expected to get up at six but got up at seven, thanks to bunkbed’s noise. The French guy was not sleeping properly. I’ll have to say thanks to him. Otherwise I couldn’t get on the train early in the morning. I had to change at Vigo to go to Santiago de Compostela.

Vigo is not really famous so even my ROUGH guide doesn’t have any words about this city. But John, my roommate in London, is from this city so I changed my mind to stay three hours in Vigo. I sent a text to ask where to visit. He replied me to be a cafe ‘Canela’ which is running by his family. There was nobody speaking English properly but John gave a ring to them before I got there. And my poor Spanish also helped me.

I had a pasta with Gambas, vino bianco, and chocolate drink. They also served me two cutlets more and some biscuits with drink. Service was very good but it was not just a small cafe, so they were busy. When I asked a bill, they said ‘John invited you’ but I paid €10 as a tip. They also gave me a map which I asked to John by phone. I was very happy after leaving the cafe. I visited places where John recommended then get back to train station. We were on the phone again and thank you to each others. I arrived at Santiago de Compostela a few hours later.

It was very efficient town to walk around. I looked around old town with my bag because the hostel was not in the central area. I went to the hostel a bit far away by bus and did my laundry for the last time in Europe this year. I’ll have finished travelling just in one week!

10 Oct. Córdoba, Sevilla

[Córdoba continued]

Córdoba 2006.10.10 RENFE 10.10 Sevilla

Sevilla Plaza de Armas 2006.10.11 07:30 bus 10:30 Faro

In a hostel, I met a guy who had seen in Madrid by chance. I visited Mezquita, it was absolutely fabulous. I think it’s more attractive than Granada’s Alhambra. Maybe this is because I didn’t enter to there in Granada. If I would entered there, I would think there could be much more attractive, never know. I walked back to train station much easier way than the way which I went to a hostel after arrival. I took a free train valid with Interrail ticket heading to Sevilla.

I tried to get Information first, but the problem was that I have to take a bus but train I took a local bus to central Sevilla and directly walked to a famous Cathedral and Giralda without put my bag left. Because if I had gotten a hostel’s bed first, I wouldn’t have enough time to get inside of the cathedral. Interior was similar with that of Cordoba, but much bigger. It was the third largest in the world. I also climb up to Giralda to look down the city. It was hard to climb up there with by backpack but it was worth to visit. After visiting there, I wanted to enter Alcazar too. However it was closed because I was late. I just took a bus to a hostel. I went back to a bus station to check times of departure to Faro for tomorrow.