28 Sept. Lausanne, Genève

Bern 2006.9.28 IC 9.28 Lausanne

Lausanne 2006.9.28 train 9.28 Genève

Genève 2006.9.29 train 9.29 Lyon Part Dieu

I’ve misknown that the checkout time would be midday but it was wrong. When I got up, the manager came into the room and woke me up. There were nobody else in the room. I was already late. It took half an hour to get ready to go out.

I visited Lausanne on the way to Genève, which is called ‘the sexiest city in Switzerland’. I don’t know why it is called like that but anyway I liked there. It has everything about its country. Lake, old town, hill and mountains.

Actually, I hadn’t made my decision to visit Interlaken this morning however the weather looked not fine so I didn’t change my plan again but just after I got on the train to Lausanne, the weather was getting better and better.

I really want to visit at least one peak among Alps mountains but I though it would be better to visit there with somebody else together. Because it’ll cost a lot of money and time and also has dangerness.

After looked around Lausanne, I arrived at Genève, my last destination in Switzerland. I already felt the language has changed on the way from Bern in the train, here was French speaking part. It was really big and international city with many kind of language and also black and yellow people as well. Not only that, I met strangers two times who were like the people I met in eastern Europe. They wanted something to me. I just avoided them. International organisations were hard to find because it was already too dark. I had Fondue as a dinner to spend all Swiss Franc.


27 Sept. Luzern, Bern

Zürich HB 2006.9.27 SBB 9.27 Luzern

Luzern 2006.9.27 IC 9.27 Bern

Bern 2006.9.28 IC 9.28 Lausanne

I realised that the time I get up everyday is depending on the check out time of each hostels where I stay. Therefore, to get up early, it’ll be better not to remind myself about the check out time before go to bed or remind the wrong time which is earlier than the real check out time.

I arrived at Luzern and I found it was beautiful. This city is the nearest city where Willhelm Tell shots an apple on his son’s head. I didn’t know where ‘Altdorf’ was, until I looked all around the city. I went to tourist information and asked about it, then I realised there was about an hour away by train.

Instead of visiting there, I wanted to see an original painting about its legend which’s number would be 31 but there was no painting numbered 31 on a bridge. I couldn’t find anything about the legend however the city itself was really beautiful so I would say it was still worth to visit. After visiting Luzern, I came to Bern, the federal capital of Swiss. But the ‘capital’ does not mean anything in Swiss or also Italy as well I think. These countries have each region’s own character and even own flags were still visible everywhere in each cities.

I haven’t known until today that the name of this city ‘Bern’ came from the word ‘bear’. And also this region’s flag had a bear in it. The city itself had a lot of fountains with various type of people located on a penninsula which had nice view. But the most important two buildings, a parliament and a kirche, were all under refurbishment.

26 Sept. Bregenz (Austria – Switzerland) Zürich

München Hbf 2006.9.26 07:12 EC196 10:06 Bregenz

Bregenz 2006.9.26 train 9.26 St Margrethen 13:31 RE3819 14:13 Sargans

Sargans 2006.9.26 14:28 IC578 15:23 Zürich HB

Zürich HB 2006.9.27 SBB 9.27 Luzern

I was sleeping in the hostel’s lounge, an assistant woke me up and asked where my room was. Fortunately, it was an hour before the departure time of the train to Bregenz so I could manage it. I wanted to see the scenes from the train but I couldn’t help falling asleep. When I arrived at Bregenz, I was still not sure that if there was the place where ‘Bregenz Festival’ was held. However I was able to find exactly the same place with that I saw in the newspaper. The festival’s floating stage was built on a kind of oil refinery facilities. But the size was much smaller than I expected. I want to come back to see an opera somedays in the future.

I didn’t have enough time, and it would be same almost everyday. I arrived at Zürich after change two times of trains. It was not too late I thought. But there was already no vacancies in hostels. I had to book a hotel. It was still a dorm room but fee was a bit higher. Suddenly I wanted to visit ‘Rhine falls’ so I asked information about that but it would be a problem to come back so I changed my mind again not to go there. Instead of that, I visited ‘Kunsthaus’ and really enjoyed the time in there. I could see a lot of art pieces by famous artists. When I got out it was already dark. I walked in the city and came back to hotel after midnight. I’ve not gone to bed until now four.