12 Sept. İstanbul

Plovdiv 2006.9.11 23:05 Balkan Express 1663 9.12 09:37 İstanbul Sirkeci

İstanbul Sirkeci 2006.9.12 20:00 Friendship Express 445 9.13 07:21 Thessaloníki

I arrived at İstanbul later than I expected because the train had been delayed last night. A man in the station came to me and asked to left my luggage at the trolley but I couldn’t believe him at the first time. But after I visited the tourist information I heard that he had worked for 40 years and there was no baggage so I back to him. It was 10 lila. I expected Turkey to use both Euro and Lila but there was no chance of choice when I withdrew cash from the machine. I found that I needed more money to book a train to Thessaloníki this night. It was too expensive and there was nothing about student’s discounts in the whole city.

I visited Archaeology museum first and felt something quite different to Bulgaria again. They were influenced by the history of that here was both Islamic and Christian capital.

I wanted to visit a famous palace but it was closed so headed to AyaSofya. when I was looking a map a strange guy came to me and asked where I was looking for. The guy was very friendly but not many minutes passed, I realised that he was running a carpet shop. It was true but I thought he tried to sell me something from his family’s shop. He told me not but how I could believe him? He was not bad but just had good skill to sell some products. It was not only him, I was looking a map again in another place, and there was a stranger smiling at me from behind. I just ran out from him. After that I never stopped in the street and looked at a map. I kept walking.

I took an overnight train again and I met a good guy in a cabin for just two bed which had good facilities in the expensive train.