19 Sept. Vatican, Pisa

[Roma continued]

Roma Termini 2006.9.19 12:55 ES9470 14:31 Firenze SMN 9.19 trenitalia 9.19 Pisa Centrale

Pisa Centrale 2006.9.19 trenitalia 9.19 Firenze SMN

I walked to Vatican and passed several tourist attractions in west Roma. However when I arrived at San Pietro, I saw uncountable people queuing to enter St Peter’s and Vatican museum as well. So I just gave up to get in. I took the famous Roman metro to back to the station. (famous for thieves)

I realised that why tourism is the biggest amount of Italy’s national income. Everywhere I go in Italy, everything is money. There’s even no student’s discount at all and very expensive to enter some wellknown sites. Even the train fares are almost double as Germany. I made a reservation for Eurostar to Firenze but it was also €15 which was same amount with yesterday. Not only that, but also not easy to find a place to stay in this country nonetheless it’s not weekends or summer high demand seasons.

Anyway I can find a hostel in Firenze easier than I expected because they didn’t answer the phone so it should not booked all. I heard they opens at 3:30pm and the time I arrived was just about an hour ago. So I just walked to there and get a free bed simply.

I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to visit Pisa to see the famous leaning tower first and planned to visit Firenze tomorrow. Uffizi and the Duomo might be also having long queues as well I thought. The leaning tower had been stopped leaning but Italian’s still earning money from worldwide without doing anything but keeping their ancestor’s glourious past. I don’t like that way.

I send texts to Marco and Simone in Bologna and Venezia to meet on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.